How does MetaMask integrate with react?

Metamask With React

How does MetaMask integrate with react?  new 2022

MetaMaks: MetaMask is a crypto wallet and a gateway to blockchain DAPP. Creating React Application: Step 1: Creating a react project with CLI npx create-react-app eth_app or yarn create react-app eth_app. Project structure: It will look like the following. Step 2: Connecting Metamask to react app.


How do I link react dapp to MetaMask?https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/how-to-connect-reactjs-with-metamask/

We need to create a function to see if the MetaMask Chrome extension is installed. If MetaMask is not installed we: Change our connectButton to Click here to install MetaMask. If MetaMask is installed we: Change our connectButton to Connect.





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