Is Web3 a MetaMask?

Web3 Without Metamask

Is Web3 a MetaMask?  new 2022

The Consumer Gateway to Web3 The built-in web browser in MetaMask Mobile empowers users with a simple, secure and intuitive way to explore the Web3, directly from the app. Most importantly, MetaMask brings its security capability to web browsing.


How does Web3 auth work?https://consensys.net/blog/press-release/metamask-mobile-ethereum-wallet-web3-browser-now-available-on-ios-and-android/

Web2 websites use email and passwords for user authentication, but web3 apps use crypto addresses. Web3 websites, applications, and other services run on specific blockchains. Users must have a way to connect to these crypto networks securely. Web3 authentication allows users to connect to a specific network.





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