What is a Kubrick Stare?

What is a Kubrick Stare?  new 2022

Noun. Kubrick stare (plural Kubrick stares) The act of looking at the viewer with head tilted downward and eyes peering upward from beneath the eyebrows.


What created the Kubrick Stare?

That look, which became the “Kubrick Stare,” was a combination of various aspects of Alex’s character and the film that were known to McDowell: he was “supposed to be a little high,” and although Alex was a deranged and unrepentant criminal and rapist, he and Kubrick “were making a comedy, let’s face it.” So, Kubrick’s …


What is the creepy stare called?

The look is called the “Kubrick Stare,” after its repeated use in the movies of Stanley Kubrick (especially A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and Full Metal Jacket), but as chronicled in this supercut made especially for Slate, it’s not unique to the director.




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